SCAMPI offers three innovative useful tools to help people with life planning and health and mental well-being.

Life planning


A simple user interface that will allow people with dementia and/or Parkinson’s and their informal carers to set up personal plans and goals for daily living activities and track the achievements of these plans. Find out more.




Home sensors

Devices placed in the home (such as infrared motion sensors, contact switches, pressure sensors, etc.) that will help users and carers to monitor the achievement of their personal plans, coupled with simple data input when sensor data is infeasible. Find out more.




Quality of Life

Quality of Life (QoL)

The SCAMPI quality of life model describes the types of goals that would hold for most people living with dementia. The model defines five top level goals. These are further refined into more specific goals that we have associated with different types of meaningful activities. Find out more.


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