Dr Katerina Bourazeri

Dr Katerina Bourazeri received her PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Imperial College London. She joined City, University of London as a Research Fellow in 2017. She holds a Masters degree in Internet and Wireless Computing from York University and a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from University of Piraeus.

Dr Bourazeri’s research interests include human-computer interaction, serious games, user interfaces, 3D displays, augmented and virtual reality. At Imperial College London, she was involved at the EPSRC-funded APS (Autonomic Power System) Research Project, and she developed a serious game, the Social Mpower, to leverage collective awareness in support of grid operations, emphasising on the visualisation of grid operations, user roles, animated smart meters and institutional design. She also designed and developed the EnCity serious game, which empowers and includes young people with Down’s syndrome into our society.

In this project, she will explore new forms of computerised toolkit that will allow someone living in their own home with a chronic condition such as dementia and/or Parkinson’s, together with their relatives and carers to self-manage both their care of the condition and life with it.

James Lockerbie

James is a Research Fellow in the Faculty of Management at the Cass Business School. He started his research career in 2005 straight after graduating with an MSc in Electronic Business Systems from City, University of London. He has worked on a range of research and industrial projects, mainly in the areas of requirements analysis, modelling and specification. His most recent research has been involved in developing digital creativity support for professional work and care for older people.

His main research interests are goal modelling and analysis, and the development of creativity support tools.


Jordan Tewell

Jordan is a PhD Student at City, University of London and is conducting research within the Centre for Human Computer Interaction Design.

He received his Masters (2012) from Carnegie Mellon University, in Entertainment Technology.

Before moving to the UK, he worked in Japan and was involved with client projects with NEC and GL Associates in Korea. He was a Visiting Researcher for the ERATO Design UI Project in Tokyo and for Keio University.

Since coming to London, he has also worked for several early stage startups, including a collaboration with the Mugaritz restaurant in Spain.

His current research focuses on multi-modal communication using gustation, olfaction, mechanoreception, and thermoception and is studying their effects on human emotion and user behaviour.